bone graft

Getting a bone graft helps your oral health

Helps your dental hygiene improve

Many people don’t notice the difference that bone grafts make in oral health.

Bone grafts can help anyone’s dental hygiene improve in different ways, such as:

  • Protects your teeth from diseases
  • Reduces your risk of gum disease and more bone loss
  • Fixes bones that are damaged in your mouth
  • Improves any damage to your mouth structure

Will I have to have one?

Those who want to get a bone graft must meet specific criteria:

  • Wishing to get dental implants but have been told you do not have enough bone
  • Be experiencing gum disease
  • Have tooth and/or bone loss

Benefits of bone graft

Bone grafts have multiple benefits to the patients that they believe will last a lifetime.

  • Save their teeth
  • Reduces the number of tooth failures
  • Improves self-confidence

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When deciding to get a bone graft you must not take risks and choose a reputable dentist.

One of the best dental surgeries for bone grafts is Gentle Dental.

Their practice is based in East Molesey and has over twenty-five years of experience treating local patients, as well as patients from outside of town.

Gentle Dental’s bone graft services have been greatly beneficial to many of their patients who have benefitted from getting the bone graft.

Procedure process

The bone graft procedure is carried out safely for the dentists and the patients.

  1. Anaesthesia will be given to the patient before the surgery.
  2. There will be a clean-up of the affected area.
  3. An incision in the gum will be made by the surgeon, this is to separate the gum from the bone so that a new one can be placed.
  4. The new bone will be securely fit in the patient’s mouth with either a dissolvable adhesive or a membrane that has special screws.
  5. The incision is then sewn so that the patient can heal after the procedure. Antibodies will be given to the patient to manage their discomfort or swelling.

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