6 Ways To Help Build A Successful Team Environment

We all know that in the workplace there are certain jobs that require your utmost attention, but most of the time you will all need to work together to attack those projects and problems.So, what makes an effective team? At Tees Valley Business Media everyone has their own individual areas to focus on but we work together to help gain great results. We want to share just a few tips to help boost those team working skills where you work.

1. Meetings

Meetings are a great way of catching up with what everyone has been up to and checking the progress of how well their projects are going.

It’s also a really good way for employees to let you know about any concerns, help that they may need, what’s going well and what’s not going so well. You should always schedule meetings weekly and make sure that you’re available for those quick one on one chats. Take a look.

2. Good communication

Never limit yourself to just giving negative feedback. If something’s gone wrong or a piece of work isn’t quite what you hoped for then deal with it in a constructive way. By doing this, the employee will be able to learn from their mistakes and pick up on any extra tips for future projects.

You should never isolate an employee and treat others differently to them. Building trust with your team members is a huge part of leading to a successful working environment. Treat your employees the way that you would like to be treated.

3. Make sure your staff feel valued

Don’t give them tasks that are beneath their ability.

Did you know that 27% of businesses expect their staff to tidy up at the end of the day? These businesses also have a high staff turnover rate.

Companies that undermine their staff see less productivity and unmotivated staff. Don’t let this happen to you and make sure that you already have a professional cleaning service scheduled.

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4. Make sure roles are clearly set and equally divided between team members

Equal goals and objectives set and then completed to a high standard means that your team are likely to feel more motivated in the work place and therefore, ready and eager to start the next task in hand. Define your roles.

Those who are given little work to do will begin to feel unmotivated, creating an awkward atmosphere within the workplace, which no one wants! When delegating tasks try and hand them out one at a time. Too much work given can lead to your employee feeling stressed and over worked. They’ll want to commit to a certain piece of work and take responsibility for it.

5. Don’t be too pushy

We know that you want the work done quickly and efficiently, but standing over someone’s shoulder and constantly emailing them asking for updates on how long they’re going to be on a certain piece of work is not the way to go about it! Be patient and give your employee the benefit of the doubt. Being too pushy can lead to work being rushed and half finished.

6. Problem solving

Make sure your team are always having quick group discussions on a project that they’re all working on together. This is a really great way of developing different strategies and putting them into action through everyone sharing their individual ideas. It’s also a good way of making sure that each member is on the same level, linking back to ensuring that good communication skills are always set in place.